Sex in the Garden City

Well a lot has been happening since my last post and boy how things have changed.

To summarise, I last left of with Beardy, who in true form turned out to be another Houdini, totally vanished of the face of the earth. No bothered. Went on another date with some other guy which went well but wasn’t feeling it and now for the biggie! KIC turned into my own Mr. Big.  Yeah, I cant quite believe it either. I’m not even too sure how it happened really. One day he just opened up. As you may or may not know I left my party on NYE to go and see him. Well after I left him in the street i didn’t hear from him for a while and got a bit worried as he doesn’t know my town so I messaged the 2 Jamie’s, I got talking to the one he wasn’t with the next day just a few polite responses and idle chit chat. Or so I thought. Turns out the Jamie went back and said something to Big that changed his mind about us.

He wants the full shabang. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks ago and I am yet to give him an answer. After everything that we he has put me through I believe that my reasons for holding out are valid. I mean, Self preservation is my number one priority here. He understands and is being patient but after over a year of on again off again i think he can wait just a little bit longer.

When I told Kate all of this she wasn’t happy at all, I know i gave her permission to slap me but I’m glad she didnt. I was sat in her car when i told her so it would have been one hell of a slap if she did. She’s warming up to the idea now i believe, she said to me the other day, “You’ll be together soon”

I don’t know if we will though, The whole time I have known him he has been trying to get into the MRP which I have supported him through, even though I am not keen on the idea at all. I will continue to support him, and he has made it clear that he still wants to commit to us when he goes in. Well what has he got to loose. Nothing. I’ve done the whole boyfriend in the forces before and I got bombarded with paranoid emails, family members checking up on me and a whole heap of worry that I could have done without whenever he got deployed somewhere. That’s a whole other story though.

Back to Big. I was working valentines day and then had arrangements in Brighton that weekend so I didn’t see him. The following week we went into London for the day. His treat (we’ve always gone dutch before). we went for lunch and also went to the The London Dungeons and also we had a night time ride on the The London Eye, It was the best Valentines day i had ever had.

We have been spending lots of time together lately and he practically is my boyfriend, I mean he drove me to an interview for uni and he waited all day in his car for me to finish. I guess all of this stuff is normal but I’m starting to see that I have never really had this sort of relationship before. We have been through so much and we aren’t even together yet.

Anyway, just thought I’d update you on the big stuff.

That’s the thing with dating sites…

Me and Beardy have been “dating” for 3 weeks now, it seems like much longer to me but it’s not, it’s just 3 weeks, and a great 3 weeks they have been.

Since that fateful first 24 hours I have thrown away all my caviar on plenty of fish. I’m still getting tons of notifications from ‘meet me’ and inboxed mail but I haven’t even looked to reply, to be honest I’m not interested. I do find myself wondering though, does he still check his mail? Is he talking to or worse seeing other people? I don’t want to get in the same position I was in with the mystery man, putting all my effort in to only have him vanish from the face of the earth! For all I know he’s back in Italy now! (The mystery man I mean)

I mean, I know Beardy likes me, I can tell by the way he looks at me, and the fact that he tells me. I just can’t help thinking it!

Does this always happen? How do you know if they are as interested as you are? I love the feeling you get when you meet that guy that just makes you want to be near them but I hate dating, it makes me feel insecure.

He’s bloody fit and a great guy.

I guess it’s a chance you have to take, I’m just scared of falling flat on my face!

P.S KIC is still trying his luck, he certainly had changed his tune, it’s like an invasion of the mysterons!

Best Way to get over a Hangover and be late for work?

On Thursday Beardy came round for dinner, I was cooking my famous toad in the hole and we had 2 bottles of red to have with dinner.

While we where cooking dinner, the wine had already started to flow, rather quickly actually and cooking dinner was interrupted occasional by lots of kisses and a bit of fondling, and top ups. I love cooking for Beardy, he washes up, peels and chops the onions and doesnt cry and he cant keep his hands off me! Love it!  Needless to say the dinner was still amazing. I’m quite proud of beardy as he is a bit of an eater, luckily for him I’m a feeder, or so my mother says, anyway he managed to save some for my house mate, who had gone to the shop to by more wine.

Getting back on point. We went through 5 bottles of red wine, 2 spillages, 1 on carpet which my house mate then threw salt all over. We had a party in our living room, had neighbours knock on the door (which we ignored) and then me and beardy went to bed, had some cuddles (loudly apparently, that conversation was slightly awkward the next day with my house mates fiancée at work)

So it turned out that in a drunken state I had neglected to set an alarm, or so I thought until it came to setting it last night! We didn’t wake up until 6.30am when we where supposed to have left by to get us both to work on time. As we where both already going to be late, I decided to be rather forward an initiate a bit of my own fondling!

I had a great morning, was an hour late for work but spent the day smiling and giggling instead of suffering with a serious red wine hangover, and to top it off, my boss didn’t even say anything about being late! Winner!

So, I set the wrong alarm, Instead of altering my long week alarm, I changed my short week. Was so funny when I discovered it last night!

Totally is the best way to get over a hangover.

20140201-103634 pm.jpg


So last week I had just finished work and was rushing to get to my class, My phone has been going a bit crazy on me lately, not sure why. I was trying to text beardy but instead accidentally  sent him a link to my post about him! Shit!

I text him immediately! “Dont read that please?!” deciding that a text wasn’t enough i called him. Luckily we had spoken about my blog previously and he knew that he, and the fateful chat up line featured in it! When we discussed it previously, He had asked what it was called but i refused to tell him as, as you are probably aware there is some content that he would rather not know! But now.. Well i had gone and sent it to him. He had a little chuckle about it, clearly hearing the nervous tone in my voice but he said that he couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t read it. After the call, I frantically went through my posts and privatised as many of the posts as I could. Shit Shit!

I saw Beardy again on Thursday evening, phew! We hadn’t spoken about the blog at all since, and then as we where preparing dinner, I don’t know why I asked but I had to… Did he read it? Yes he did, but being as great as he is, he admitted reading it, but only the post about him, I blushed as red as could be, but hey it could be worse right? And, he liked it 🙂

What a difference a day makes (kind of)

About 2 months ago I gave KIC the boot after agonising over wether or not to throw in the towel once and for all. Well I did it, it got to the point where I couldn’t stand the wondering anymore.

We have still been seeing each other, as friends which hasn’t been easy, Never mind the shapes he’s been throwing my way! On Friday me and Kate decided to go out, being a bit poor Kate was figuring out who we could invite that would drive us. She doesn’t like KIC but it was either him or we pay for taxis.

So we all went out, together, slightly awkward as Kate hates him after everything. All Kate kept on repeating all night was “I’m staying in your bed tonight, NOT HIM!” Of course Kate was, there was no question!

Well he tried holding my hand! Something that we have never done in public! We have been talking over the weekend and he’s made a complete U-Turn. Everything that I wanted from him 2 months ago is there laid out on the table. Too bad! Its too late!

Still 2 months later and he’s head fucking me, the only difference is that now, I’m over it!

Green eyes and Beard Love

In my last blog I posted a chat up line that I used on green eyes…. “So green eyes are we going out?” Well guess what, it worked and we went out Wednesday evening after I finished my evening class.

He suggested the place and we met just near to it as I had no idea where it was. It was a nice little bar and we got pretty comfy in a little corner away from everyone it was brilliant! We had been talking for a few weeks but my replies where sporadic to say the least.

We talked and talked and before we knew it matey at the bar came over to inform us that the bar was closing! Devastating news! Nah not really, I suggested having a drink at mine! It came from no where but I was sure that I wasn’t ready for the date to end! We stayed up until 6am talking, comparing playlists and drinking a rather nice bottle of Hendricks. It was surprising how much we had in common!

After 3 hours of sleep and a few hours in bed having a cuddle I got up and made us some breakfast/lunch. And them we spent the day together. I dropped him off for the 9.20 train. I have to admit it, I was a bit sad he had to go but our first date had lasted a whole 24 hours!

He came over again on Saturday, I finished work and picked him up from the train station, he brought wine with him, and a nice wine too! I was very happy! Yet again we stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning!

I’m very hopeful with this one! Very very hopeful.

I spoke with my sister for the first time since Christmas and told her all about him. She reminded to be careful because of how I felt with the mystery man and I’m not forgetting how I felt with him but at the sane time I think Beardy is worth it, or at least I hope he will be.

I’ve been trying to utilise positive thinking to my advantage and now Beardy walks into my life. Good karma? Yes please!

20140120-091608 pm.jpg

Chatting up men

So I thought if share a few of the wonderful lines I have used that gave been successful in initiating with some men.

“So Green eyes are we going out?”
– date arrangements in progress

To a Royal Marine commando who supports Manchester United
“So Man U aren’t doing too well are they? Oh well I’m sure you could kick their butts. You have great thighs by the way”


“Interesting about me,
Not everyone gets their boobs out and some people are busy with life not just a last resort haha, namely me. I’m certainly not stuck up my own ass but I can think of worse places to be haha” – to this he replied you certainly are opinionated, I like that. — hahaha. I like to think of it as passionate. He agreed, date plans are in the making 🙂

More Gold later 🙂

With a New Year comes a New Contender

So I’m starting to realise that the sparks aren’t flying with me and M. I first met him when things ended with KIC and I was looking for someone to replace him or just to keep me busy so I wouldn’t sit there agonising over texting him!

I was a date whore, 7 dates in 7 days was the challenge I set myself and I almost did it. Two months later M is the only one other than L who is left on the scene but he’s my ex so that doesn’t count.

The last time I saw M was just before Christmas, he came over, we watched a film and then I fell asleep on him, I really miss that part of being in a relationship, it’s so nice instead of relying on two hot water bottles and strategically placed pillows to keep you warm in the night! I only dozed off so it wasn’t that bad, however when I woke up we had a little kiss and he put the moves on me, I wasn’t up for it, and I don’t think I am. I mean I enjoy the dating part with him, and the conversation, and he seems like a great guy and he has these lovely blue sparkly eyes, but there is no spark!!

I do wonder if I’m not over KIC, after new year and everything, he’s really ruffled my feathers, however, there is a new guy. I’m rather looking forward to going out on a date with him, he seems really cool, pretty down to earth and he has an amazing beard! Just like my type of guy! A few of my friends have always said with past guys, i’d never put you together, well I wonder what they will think of him?! He’s FIT! also initial M! There’s a new M in town! and he wears a beard rather well! 🙂

Starting 2014 with a Head fuck

What a great way to start the year!

I had friends round for a dinner party and drinks as my new year plans fell through last minute. We had a lovely meal, drank lots and played games, it was a good night.

At 23.39 I received a message via a text app, “Happy new year darling x” It was from KIC (keeping it casual) I was a bit drunk and replied, “Hang out soon? Oh Happy New Year”

Turns out he was in my town at a friends party, we where talking and then he comes out with, I’m 30 minute walk from yours. I told him that I had friends over and that I could meet him but as who I had as my guests I didn’t think it was appropriate for him to come over, I thought it was strange but as you know when it comes to him I can’t help myself. I excused myself from my guests and left my own party to go and meet him.

When I met him I went in for a friendly happy new year kiss and POW! A full blown kiss, he picked me up and ate my face. I was a bit shocked, we went for a bit of a walk, he stopped and kissed me again.

I don’t know why he does this, it’s really started to get to me. He knows I like him, then he gets close and pulls back again. Before Christmas he came over to mine one evening and we watched a few films, I was trying to keep it in the friend zone as much as possible, it’s hard to do but I was coping, then he pulled me into a cuddle on the sofa, I went with it but tried not to get that into it. My housemate and her boyfriend came home and then he pulled out of the hug. When they went to bed we watched another DVD, he got hungry so I cooked him some food and we went back to the film, then he laid down on the sofa with his head resting on me. I missed him, I missed doing that and I was struggling. Luckily he fell asleep for the end of the film and I continued to fight with my emotions, the film ended, he woke up and I told him that he had better go.

I’m trying so hard to keep us in the friend zone and he’s putting it on me, what am I supposed to do?! Fighting so hard so that I can keep him in my life and then he kisses me on New Years, then messages me to say that he shouldn’t have done it. Serious head fuck going on!

Kate has said I need to cut him off, this is not an option. He’s leaving in a few months so keeping him at a distance is going to be good in the long run, but I can’t not see or talk to him. I’m really questioning why he’s buried so deep beneath my skin, I’m starting to think that I am in love with him. I can’t keep myself away.

Kate now has permission to slap me if I ever start a sentence with “Don’t be angry but…” Because it’s going to be about him….

Happy new year


I have recently re-downloaded this app called SKOUT. I first downloaded it back in around March April time. I remember as I was on nights, and while working and being extremely bored I got talking to this guy, who I thought was a lovely boy from San Diego. Boy was he dreamy. I Googled him of course and checked out his linkedin info, he seemed pretty legit and actually quite normal. We were talking A LOT for a while! We Skyped, emailed, called (well he called me) everyday. It was so strange, I felt as if I had an online boyfriend. I remember speaking to my mum about him, and I actually considered going over to see him, and worked out how much overtime I would need to do to pay for flights and accommodation. Anyway, turn’s out he’s a bit of a sociopath, got a bit possessive over me and when I questioned about whether he still went on the app he had a major eppi! Safe to say I deleted his cute american butt in an instant. Phew! That was a close one!

So….. Why have I re-downloaded this app? Well to be honest, Firstly, Boredom, secondly I have a major thing for Mediterranean guys and there appear to be loads of cute ones on this app! I know that I am dating M, but we haven’t discussed exclusivity and its only talking right? Well I’m Skyping with one as I type.

To the point then Watson! last night, I was chatting to some guy, It popped up saying he was new, and he was hot so I virtually winked at him 😉 If I could have sent a voice clip saying “Hello Sailor” then believe me I would have! I asked the usual, “why are you on here?” He just said “I’m looking for someone nice to talk to as meeting people in clubs these days isn’t the best way to go” and “I don’t do one night stands”, I mean come on, We have all heard that one before! Get some original materiel matey, anyone who wont admit to having a one night stand has to be lying! I know they aren’t great but they happen!

I decided to continue with the conversation just for the hell of it, wasn’t long before he started asking for photos, I clearly have photos on my profile, He wasn’t willing to share so neither was I! His excuse was that he was a commercial photographer, he was still at work and any photos that he took with his ipad would automatically upload to a sever for processing! I don’t own an ipad! in fact I would love a good old fashioned type writer, but then none of you lovelies would even know that I exist! Anyway, I continued to refuse to send photos, now using the excuse, How do I know they wont get uploaded for processing?! I ended the conversation there but, Later on, I got a message from him again, this time asking for a photo of my feet! And Do I have nice toes? Seriously? Is this site the new Craigslist or something??

I’m still deciding on if I should just delete it again, or keep it just for the giggles! I was intent on enjoying a nice Earl Grey and hopping into bed with my two hot water bottles this evening, but the foot guy inspired me!

Your thoughts on this would be good. May even create a whole page on my blog dedicated to the wonders of Skout!