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That’s the thing with dating sites…

Me and Beardy have been “dating” for 3 weeks now, it seems like much longer to me but it’s not, it’s just 3 weeks, and a great 3 weeks they have been.

Since that fateful first 24 hours I have thrown away all my caviar on plenty of fish. I’m still getting tons of notifications from ‘meet me’ and inboxed mail but I haven’t even looked to reply, to be honest I’m not interested. I do find myself wondering though, does he still check his mail? Is he talking to or worse seeing other people? I don’t want to get in the same position I was in with the mystery man, putting all my effort in to only have him vanish from the face of the earth! For all I know he’s back in Italy now! (The mystery man I mean)

I mean, I know Beardy likes me, I can tell by the way he looks at me, and the fact that he tells me. I just can’t help thinking it!

Does this always happen? How do you know if they are as interested as you are? I love the feeling you get when you meet that guy that just makes you want to be near them but I hate dating, it makes me feel insecure.

He’s bloody fit and a great guy.

I guess it’s a chance you have to take, I’m just scared of falling flat on my face!

P.S KIC is still trying his luck, he certainly had changed his tune, it’s like an invasion of the mysterons!

With a New Year comes a New Contender

So I’m starting to realise that the sparks aren’t flying with me and M. I first met him when things ended with KIC and I was looking for someone to replace him or just to keep me busy so I wouldn’t sit there agonising over texting him!

I was a date whore, 7 dates in 7 days was the challenge I set myself and I almost did it. Two months later M is the only one other than L who is left on the scene but he’s my ex so that doesn’t count.

The last time I saw M was just before Christmas, he came over, we watched a film and then I fell asleep on him, I really miss that part of being in a relationship, it’s so nice instead of relying on two hot water bottles and strategically placed pillows to keep you warm in the night! I only dozed off so it wasn’t that bad, however when I woke up we had a little kiss and he put the moves on me, I wasn’t up for it, and I don’t think I am. I mean I enjoy the dating part with him, and the conversation, and he seems like a great guy and he has these lovely blue sparkly eyes, but there is no spark!!

I do wonder if I’m not over KIC, after new year and everything, he’s really ruffled my feathers, however, there is a new guy. I’m rather looking forward to going out on a date with him, he seems really cool, pretty down to earth and he has an amazing beard! Just like my type of guy! A few of my friends have always said with past guys, i’d never put you together, well I wonder what they will think of him?! He’s FIT! also initial M! There’s a new M in town! and he wears a beard rather well! 🙂


I have recently re-downloaded this app called SKOUT. I first downloaded it back in around March April time. I remember as I was on nights, and while working and being extremely bored I got talking to this guy, who I thought was a lovely boy from San Diego. Boy was he dreamy. I Googled him of course and checked out his linkedin info, he seemed pretty legit and actually quite normal. We were talking A LOT for a while! We Skyped, emailed, called (well he called me) everyday. It was so strange, I felt as if I had an online boyfriend. I remember speaking to my mum about him, and I actually considered going over to see him, and worked out how much overtime I would need to do to pay for flights and accommodation. Anyway, turn’s out he’s a bit of a sociopath, got a bit possessive over me and when I questioned about whether he still went on the app he had a major eppi! Safe to say I deleted his cute american butt in an instant. Phew! That was a close one!

So….. Why have I re-downloaded this app? Well to be honest, Firstly, Boredom, secondly I have a major thing for Mediterranean guys and there appear to be loads of cute ones on this app! I know that I am dating M, but we haven’t discussed exclusivity and its only talking right? Well I’m Skyping with one as I type.

To the point then Watson! last night, I was chatting to some guy, It popped up saying he was new, and he was hot so I virtually winked at him 😉 If I could have sent a voice clip saying “Hello Sailor” then believe me I would have! I asked the usual, “why are you on here?” He just said “I’m looking for someone nice to talk to as meeting people in clubs these days isn’t the best way to go” and “I don’t do one night stands”, I mean come on, We have all heard that one before! Get some original materiel matey, anyone who wont admit to having a one night stand has to be lying! I know they aren’t great but they happen!

I decided to continue with the conversation just for the hell of it, wasn’t long before he started asking for photos, I clearly have photos on my profile, He wasn’t willing to share so neither was I! His excuse was that he was a commercial photographer, he was still at work and any photos that he took with his ipad would automatically upload to a sever for processing! I don’t own an ipad! in fact I would love a good old fashioned type writer, but then none of you lovelies would even know that I exist! Anyway, I continued to refuse to send photos, now using the excuse, How do I know they wont get uploaded for processing?! I ended the conversation there but, Later on, I got a message from him again, this time asking for a photo of my feet! And Do I have nice toes? Seriously? Is this site the new Craigslist or something??

I’m still deciding on if I should just delete it again, or keep it just for the giggles! I was intent on enjoying a nice Earl Grey and hopping into bed with my two hot water bottles this evening, but the foot guy inspired me!

Your thoughts on this would be good. May even create a whole page on my blog dedicated to the wonders of Skout!