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That’s the thing with dating sites…

Me and Beardy have been “dating” for 3 weeks now, it seems like much longer to me but it’s not, it’s just 3 weeks, and a great 3 weeks they have been.

Since that fateful first 24 hours I have thrown away all my caviar on plenty of fish. I’m still getting tons of notifications from ‘meet me’ and inboxed mail but I haven’t even looked to reply, to be honest I’m not interested. I do find myself wondering though, does he still check his mail? Is he talking to or worse seeing other people? I don’t want to get in the same position I was in with the mystery man, putting all my effort in to only have him vanish from the face of the earth! For all I know he’s back in Italy now! (The mystery man I mean)

I mean, I know Beardy likes me, I can tell by the way he looks at me, and the fact that he tells me. I just can’t help thinking it!

Does this always happen? How do you know if they are as interested as you are? I love the feeling you get when you meet that guy that just makes you want to be near them but I hate dating, it makes me feel insecure.

He’s bloody fit and a great guy.

I guess it’s a chance you have to take, I’m just scared of falling flat on my face!

P.S KIC is still trying his luck, he certainly had changed his tune, it’s like an invasion of the mysterons!

Best Way to get over a Hangover and be late for work?

On Thursday Beardy came round for dinner, I was cooking my famous toad in the hole and we had 2 bottles of red to have with dinner.

While we where cooking dinner, the wine had already started to flow, rather quickly actually and cooking dinner was interrupted occasional by lots of kisses and a bit of fondling, and top ups. I love cooking for Beardy, he washes up, peels and chops the onions and doesnt cry and he cant keep his hands off me! Love it!  Needless to say the dinner was still amazing. I’m quite proud of beardy as he is a bit of an eater, luckily for him I’m a feeder, or so my mother says, anyway he managed to save some for my house mate, who had gone to the shop to by more wine.

Getting back on point. We went through 5 bottles of red wine, 2 spillages, 1 on carpet which my house mate then threw salt all over. We had a party in our living room, had neighbours knock on the door (which we ignored) and then me and beardy went to bed, had some cuddles (loudly apparently, that conversation was slightly awkward the next day with my house mates fiancée at work)

So it turned out that in a drunken state I had neglected to set an alarm, or so I thought until it came to setting it last night! We didn’t wake up until 6.30am when we where supposed to have left by to get us both to work on time. As we where both already going to be late, I decided to be rather forward an initiate a bit of my own fondling!

I had a great morning, was an hour late for work but spent the day smiling and giggling instead of suffering with a serious red wine hangover, and to top it off, my boss didn’t even say anything about being late! Winner!

So, I set the wrong alarm, Instead of altering my long week alarm, I changed my short week. Was so funny when I discovered it last night!

Totally is the best way to get over a hangover.

20140201-103634 pm.jpg


So last week I had just finished work and was rushing to get to my class, My phone has been going a bit crazy on me lately, not sure why. I was trying to text beardy but instead accidentally  sent him a link to my post about him! Shit!

I text him immediately! “Dont read that please?!” deciding that a text wasn’t enough i called him. Luckily we had spoken about my blog previously and he knew that he, and the fateful chat up line featured in it! When we discussed it previously, He had asked what it was called but i refused to tell him as, as you are probably aware there is some content that he would rather not know! But now.. Well i had gone and sent it to him. He had a little chuckle about it, clearly hearing the nervous tone in my voice but he said that he couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t read it. After the call, I frantically went through my posts and privatised as many of the posts as I could. Shit Shit!

I saw Beardy again on Thursday evening, phew! We hadn’t spoken about the blog at all since, and then as we where preparing dinner, I don’t know why I asked but I had to… Did he read it? Yes he did, but being as great as he is, he admitted reading it, but only the post about him, I blushed as red as could be, but hey it could be worse right? And, he liked it 🙂