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So last week I had just finished work and was rushing to get to my class, My phone has been going a bit crazy on me lately, not sure why. I was trying to text beardy but instead accidentally  sent him a link to my post about him! Shit!

I text him immediately! “Dont read that please?!” deciding that a text wasn’t enough i called him. Luckily we had spoken about my blog previously and he knew that he, and the fateful chat up line featured in it! When we discussed it previously, He had asked what it was called but i refused to tell him as, as you are probably aware there is some content that he would rather not know! But now.. Well i had gone and sent it to him. He had a little chuckle about it, clearly hearing the nervous tone in my voice but he said that he couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t read it. After the call, I frantically went through my posts and privatised as many of the posts as I could. Shit Shit!

I saw Beardy again on Thursday evening, phew! We hadn’t spoken about the blog at all since, and then as we where preparing dinner, I don’t know why I asked but I had to… Did he read it? Yes he did, but being as great as he is, he admitted reading it, but only the post about him, I blushed as red as could be, but hey it could be worse right? And, he liked it 🙂

Date 2 with M= Nando’s and Midnight Christmas Lights

Ok so I know I have previously slated a guy for asking me on a date to Nando’s but this one is different, honest.

Me and M had a good time on our first date as you may already know, we text often and we arranged to meet again after my class had finished last Wednesday, again. He met me after class and we had no plans, we both hadn’t eaten and he suggested Nando’s. I drove us to the nearest Nando’s which wasn’t too far away.
I can honestly say it’s the best meal that I have had at Nando’s.

His eating habits are faultless, which in my opinion goes a long way! He was polite, didn’t talk with his mouth full or anything. He told me all about his weekend in Wales and informed me that “We must go there” he actually said “you’d love it!” And to be honest it sounds like my sort of place! As he was telling me about it we started to discuss one of mine and Kate’s hobbies, I’ll come back to this later…

Anyway once we had finished eating, it was almost 11, we headed back to his car, he had suggested that we go for a drive. He knows the area much better than I do so he directed me round and took me to see some amazing houses with all of their Christmas lights on. It was so much fun! It amazes me how doing the simplest of things can be great fun

After the lights, it was about 12.30am now, As I was driving he decided to direct me to a place that he though me and Kate might enjoy. Unfortunately the place was all boarded up so we couldn’t get in to take a look around.

We had to call it a night as I was getting tired, I had been up since 6am and at work all day and then had my class. We got back to where he had parked had a little peck goodbye and that was all for then.

More to come with M

Just too busy

Literally! This is just a quick one to say that I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had a second to relax let alone type anything that would make sense! Although being busy is giving me plenty of blogging gold!

As I speak me and Kate are on our way to a date, my role fluffer-buffer* (I’ll explain this at a later date!)

We are all dolled up and ready to go! Kate is a nervous dater so there’s a hint for you!

News to come:

Standing alone
Why do you only call me when your high?!

And Dancing like no body’s watching!

Come back soon, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


An Unexpected Date

This is sort of unbelievable so I just have to tell you all about it!

Me and Kate went out exploring on Wednesday, I almost had to bribe her out with a can of Relentless (She’s a total addict) I don’t think I have told you this before but Kate is also on POF and she has been chatting to this guy who lives quite near to where we live, She showed me his photos and i must say he’s quite alright. we don’t really have the same taste in men, apart from the almost disastrous meet with her looser ex! Anyway, They where texting away as we where out, He knew the place where we were so he was telling us where to go etc.

Kate had been talking to him about some of the other places we have been and he was really keen to come with us next time. So BRAINWAVE Kate asked him to come with us next time, and me not wanting to be a third wheel on that bike suggested that he bring someone along with him for moral support. It may be great being a guy with two hot chicks, but I didn’t want any of that action. So he said he would bring along his brother! Yes brother, that’s not the only thing, He is a twin! Bonus! Haha!

So it was planned, that on Monday we would meet up and go to this place and have a good look around with our very own good looking tour guides! Later that night, Kate text me and asked if she could give Twin my number, Of course that’s fine with me, and we have been texting ever since, well apart from when I have been sleeping and at work.

I’m rather looking forward to our date, Its something fun and exciting, and I have never been on a double date before so that aspect is also exciting, me and Kate have often talked about finding some guys to go on a double date with, I think its good to have some moral support and be with someone who you can be yourself around, and also is there as a back up if it all goes wrong!

Anyway better go, got another assignment to do. Boo!

As always I will keep you posted 🙂

Oooooo Excitorama!