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Girl Date!

Had a much needed Girl Date today. I’ve missed my bestie since I have been away and we had a lot to catch up on! Since I last saw her (And she disappeared on a night out) I had a date my second date with Something New,the guy from POF who I will now refer to as Oxford, My Holiday – No Romances to mention, and then a much needed after holiday meeting with Keeping it Casual and then the Sunday Night massage and kiss with Frenchie/Frenchie2.

So anyway we went out on girlie adventure, and I don’t mean a shopping trip, Anyway, It was an hour and half drive so we had plenty of time to sing along to 80’s cheese and catch up.

So as we are girls, we discussed the usual… Boys, Dating Sites, Work/Gossip, Blink 182 members and Men’s willies.

I was telling her about the antics from the Sunday Night massage. I didn’t mention it before but I think its rather funny and its relevant to what I’m saying, Don’t judge me. So I was having my massage, and Frenchie got a bit excited. As you may know, I’m not planning on putting out just yet, and I had informed him of this, anyway, He slapped my bum with his penis, Yes, with his penis in frustration. When I told her this, she exclaimed “Why do you get all the big ones?!” Hahaha! Made me laugh so much.

Really I just wanted to dedicate a blog to all the girls that we go on Girl Dates with. Even though this is a blog about dating, and looking for “The One” Our best friends are there for us when these things start, during and when they end. She had summed up the The Mystery Man within seconds of meeting him. She has given me brilliant advice with Keeping it Casual, and helps me to keep my head on when it comes to him, and to be honest, I just love laughing with her about these stupid boys that wouldn’t even know a diamond if they held it in their hand. I know she will read this because she loves me, haha! But just to let you know I love you too babe.

whoever reads this, male or female, and you are looking for a relationship, I just want to say don’t ever forget your friends. Like I said, they are always there. Without my friends supporting me I have no idea where I would be now, I have had some nightmares in the past, and my friends have got me through, But today was a much needed laugh, unfortunately, we mainly laughed at boys.

Mixed Messages!

I really don’t get guys sometimes! Before I went away a guy text me asking me if I would like to do something with him, Namely, I think he wanted to come over and get some, and this isn’t keeping it casual. However, I had already made plans and didn’t plan on changing them, He was texting me from 11am until 8pm when he finally got the message and stopped. Here’s a laugh, here are some of the texts I got from him…

“What you Doing Tonight?” – i didn’t reply,

“U dont like **** anymore?” – I repiled “Haha of course. I have plans tonight,”

“:(” – I didnt reply again

“what u doin?” – to which I replied “Seeing a friend” which translates to going on a date.

“Should we meet later?” – me – Probably not a good idea, it will be late

“That dont matter”

“Come ooooooon” – me – Why?

“I wanna see you, make some lovin ;)” – Me hahaha

“Well” —– No reply


Anyway, since I have put photos up from my holiday, he has been liking them and I saw he was online so I messaged him. We had a little chat about my holiday and I asked if he wanted to come over this weekend. I have work this weekend and I told him this so i wasnt thinking anything kinky and I get this as a reply…

“Not sure if I can
Prob not a good idea is it
We friends
I don’t wanna be out of order
Has something happened or something”
Me – its not out of order but ok
Him –

It is out of order of me to come round if we are friends
Had somethin happened?
Is everythin ok?
Why u ignorin me now?
Are u ok?
Why speak to me then ignore me
Is everything ok? This is a bit odd, I’m not trying to be a dick I just don’t wanna be unfair, would be better to actually have a chat

I mean seriously what is that? If we are friends why would it be out of order for him to come round? So maybe today I am not in the best of moods, and possibly snapped a bit but I don’t think I was being unfair…

im not ignoring you.

I think thats its out of order for you to just message me asking to come over, and then when I invite you over you say its not fair. Im a big girl, and i cant really say that we are friends, you come over when you are pissed and locked out. That’s not friends.

Him –

Well I’m really sorry now I feel like in out of order
I thought you were inviting me over on a date or somethin
Look I’m a dick I don’t mean to be
Just an idiot when drunk as well
Me – no, I would not invite you round my house for a “date” we have already had that conversation.
Is it me or is he clearly taking the pee and I’m letting him by going to the rescue when he’s stuck. He even text me at 5.30 one morning asking me to go and collect him from Somewhere and he’d give me £50 this is the same guy from Your a Nice Girl BUT…. I think this would explain it but why was he texing me in the morning, asking to meet that night, he clearly wasn’t drunk and I have asked him this but he told me he had to go to sleep, and me seething away as I was I thought of asking this after he has gone to sleep so I am still awaiting his response. Lets see how he wriggles out of this one!
Rant Over Thanks for Listening!

A Dating Site Update 16th-23rd September

So I’ve been away for nearly a week and had no access to the Internet. This is a nightmare if you have been talking to a few guys online that could be potential dates!

When I got back into the UK my phone was bombarded with notifications from dating applications. 147 notifications to be precise from the applications and sites mentioned in my Online Dating page. As I have been at work today and saw Frenchie last night I have not yet been able to sift through the enormous amount of pointless “hey”, “your so pretty”, and “let’s meet up” emails.

I’m wondering if I should just delete them all and start fresh! Although I might loose a few goodies.

So far from the month or so I have been on these sites I have met up with One guy twice, swapped numbers with a few although these have now fizzled out. I’m starting to wonder how some people date more than one person at a time?

I work long hours and I also study 2 evenings a week, I find it hard just to keep track of who’s who! I think I need an organiser with post it notes and photos just so I can remember everything and who does what. Maybe it’s time to start being ruthless and start to trim the fat a bit more.

French Kissing

So I’m back in the UK safe and sound. Arrived home last night and caught up with everyone so thought I had best fill you in too!

Before I flew away for a week I mentioned in Something New a French guy that I would be posting about, well here it is.

The Friday before I went away me and a few friends went to a sort of pub crawl music festival. We went to see a friends band play in one pub but then fancied something more clubby so we left and went to a “Club Culture” night at a different pub. Me and a friend where dancing and decided to go out for a smoke, outside I got talking to some guy about a book series that I’m reading, A Game of Thrones, we where discussing how amazing the character Jon Snow is and the whole time I noticed an attractive guy listening to what we where saying but he didn’t join in the conversation. Anyway, me and my friend went back inside and continued to dance. Thirsty work dancing, especially as my friend got us involved in a dance off with some random guy, so we went to the bar, and there he was. Somehow we started talking and he remained with us for the rest of the night, he was French, had been out with a friend but had lost him somewhere.

It turned out to be a very random night as we left the town we had started in and went to a different town 8 miles away where there was a club that me and my friends like to go to. He came with us and we had a great night, except for when it was time to leave, and my friend that I was out with was no where to be seen or found! Apparently when she’s rather drunk she can’t hear her phone either. So my other friend who was the designated driver took me and Frenchie back to mine and went off to find my friend who was rather successfully AWOL!

Me and Frenchie carried on talking and drinking at mine, waiting to hear from my missing friend. The alcohol ran out before we heard anything so we went to bed. Nothing happened, we just had a spoon and that was that, until the morning!

You know when you wake up and all of a sudden a panic hits you, well that happened! Yes this is my room, SHIT! Who’s arm is that? A few quick body checks, knickers check, shorts check, top…missing…fuck, Phone check Phew, back to missing top….FUCK. Then Frenchie woke up. Acting all casual as you do, even though your mind is screaming “Your boobs are out your boobs are out!”

We started talking, then he kissed me, after he said “I hope you don’t mind, as I wanted to kiss you last night, but I waited until now as we where dunk” I thought that was quite considerate, didn’t want to take advantage, but then it raised a question in my mind, what happened to my top?! Oh well. We continued talking and he was telling me how unlike the other girls he has met while living in the area, basically he called them all easy whore bags, considering I had no top on then what am I haha. Maybe I got hot in the night and forgot he was there who knows.

Anyway he suggested that we go for breakfast, it would have been lovely but I had to rush to get a train to London. So before I got up he was asking when he would see me again. Flash back to the mystery man, be careful now Sally my mind was saying. (Sally isn’t my name by the way)

So I got showered and ready and such, and dropped him off at home. He had written his number down for me so I text him mine an we where texting while I was out that day, the next day I flew out. I told him I’d text when I got back into the UK. I forgot, but this morning he text me, he’s invited me round to his this evening for a cup of tea. Oh I forgot to mention, I can’t remember his name, maybe I will find out tonight until then he’s Frenchie.

I’m keeping my options open, not putting all of my eggs in one basket and have a few fingers in a few pies. I’m taking my time, getting to know different people but after the mystery man I’m keeping my guard up with men from Europe, when I say Europe I mean the continent, didn’t have much luck with the Italian mystery man, lesson learned life.

I’ll keep you posted on the tea!

Something New

So as you know I’ve been on a dating site and had a date planned for last Sunday. It’s been a very busy week as I have been working and had 2 assignments to complete as I’m going on holiday tomorrow.

The date went very well, we went out for a delicious Sunday lunch, Michelin Star restaurant may I add, and we had a wonderful time. Before we went out I had already decided to limit myself to two glasses of wine maximum! I don’t know wether it was the excitement or what but I only needed one! We spent a good few hours together, and he had driven for an hour and a half to get to me, so I’m glad we got on, otherwise it could have been hell!

Anyway, we had a good chat and we both made our intentions clear, we are both looking for more than a quick hook up, which is good, as I made it clear that I would not be rushing into anything, especially after the mystery man! After that was all cleared up, he came to mine and we watched a DVD. You may think that was a bit risky as we had only just met, but I didn’t think he was a psycho, well, not crazier than me anyway. We had a great evening and then I saw him again today.

He came over and we went out for lunch. He also ended up meeting one of my best friends and my housemate.

He’s not my usual type of guy, he’s well spoken, dresses nicely, and educated, it makes a nice change to the guys I have dated in the past, intelligent but too geeky, handsome but not smart enough to hold a decent conversation or just a plain old a**hole

Over lunch we where planning our next date, looking forward to it though!

Keeping this short as I have a plane to catch in the morning

What’s Happened to Romance???

It seems to me that guys have got lazy and girls have got easy to suit, or is it the other way around? Girls have got easy so guys have are now lazy because they don’t have to work for it anymore! why would you work hard for what you really wanted if someone a few doors down is practically giving it away? Now, if a girl doesn’t give it up right away she is labelled “frigid” or she is playing hard to get, not worth the hassle, a “tease” that sort of thing! Its ridiculous!

Back in the day when my Grandad courted my Nan, they went to wartime dances, he walked her the 5 miles home and didn’t complain about the long walk, or walk her half way home then leave her to walk the rest of the way. If my Grandad had done that then my Nan’s brothers would have gone out and shown him what for! Growing up I remember them always being together, my Grandad was quite moody, he was the Grumpy Grandad, but in photos of them growing together they both had a sparkle in their eyes. They where married for a long time, until my Nan passed away in 1996.

They had a typical relationship of that time, when my nan died, My mum had to teach my Grandad how to cook, and my Nan’s older sister used to help him with house work. He had depended on her their whole relationship and he knew it, But he loved her and respected her for who she was and what she did for him. My Grandad worked hard to provide the family with a home, and my Nan looked after it, as well as having her own job, earning her own money until she was 61!

Men need to start realising that if they want something good, then they are going to have to start working for it! You don’t get a nice house or car if you don’t go to work, So why should they be able to get a nice girl, who is going to look after them for the rest of their life if they aren’t prepared to work for that to?

I know now that times have changed, and there are career woman, and house husbands, But I still feel like guys these days are expecting too much too soon. Is is that girls these days are more concerned with being labelled frigid or hard to get, then being called easy or a slut, slag or even worse a whore-bag! I know what I would prefer any day of the week!!

Girls need to start standing up to these lazy ass guys, and show have some self respect, get some understanding of their worth and power. We seem to forget that we have the control in life, we say yes or no, we decide if the guy is worthy of us. Why are we letting so many sleazy guys get their own way? 9 times out of 10 they aren’t even worth a second date, let alone our bodies. So why do we put up with it? Fear of being alone, left on the shelf? Feeling like we don’t deserve better? Well if we carry on the way we are going then we don’t.

If we are looking for the one that deserves us, that we are going to spend our lives with then don’t we want to be sure that they are worth it? I’m going to make them work for it.

I’m a prize that has to be won, I am worth more than a guy taking me to Nandos one time and on the second date expecting more than what’s on offer, Sorry mate but I’m worth more than 1/4 of a chicken with spicy rice and free refills! Got to work harder than that!

I want wining and dining, a bit of romancing I’m sure will go a long way seeing as these days no one does it anymore! Don’t take this as I’m saying I want a guy to come along and feel like he has to pay for everything, I’m more than willing to pay my own way but the thought of a bit of romance would be nice. Thank You Please!

From now on I am going to make a point of working out if he is worth it. I made my last mistake with My Mystery Man, and that isn’t happening again!!

Please ladies and gents, girls and guys! Realise that we are all someone’s prize. We don’t have to make it easy for them. Maybe if people worked harder at the start of their relationship they would be more prepared to work harder for it when things get tough, and I know that I only plan on getting married once in this lifetime, I want to know that my future husband will fight for me and our relationship when the time comes.

Go and play…. hard to get…. but make sure they know the prize is worth it and your not just playing games!

On my final note…. WHO RUNS THE WORLD??

Working Relationships

This blog is called The Diary of a Serial Relationship Seeker so the context of this post should be pretty straight forward…

Do relationships at work, work?

I spend 12.5 hours a day, 14 days a month at work minimum, but sometimes I feel like I spend my whole life there! As you may already know I’ve recently moved to a new area so I spend lots of time socialising with my colleagues as I don’t know many other people around here. It’s hard to keep away.

I’m not looking for a relationship with a colleague, but I know quite a few people who’s relationships started or that met through work. We do tend to pop off down the pub after a particularly hard day, and I’m starting to realise how easy it would be to fall bed or a relationship with someone from work.

I have been at my place of employment for 18 months, and been out on a few dates with two guys that I work with, one had far too many grey hairs, and the other, well, have you read Keeping it Casual? That’s him. Only 2 of my best friends and my housemate and her boyfriend know about us. So we have managed to keep it under wraps somehow.

My place of work is a complete gossip mill and it is also a bit insestual. My housemate met her boyfriend there, There are secret affairs going on that everyone hears about between people, So and so go caught in the gym sleeping with her from there, that kind of thing!

How does it all work? I am quite a private person, despite being so forthcoming, I do talk a lot, but its my life so I am allowed to, what I cant stand is people talking about me. If I wanted to discuss my business then that is down to me, I am actually shocked that no one has found out about me and casual, I guess I’m trusting the right people at the moment with my secrets! Yay.

Anyway, The only people I have surrounding me are people that I work with. Take Friday for example, I came home from work, at 8.30, got my pj’s on, opened up a bottle of wine and posted Too High In the Tree? around 10pm, I got a call from a guy that I work with inviting me out, he eventually talked me into it, and came and picked me up. What was supposed to be a few drinks turned into multiple gins, shots, bud’s and god knows what else, and only getting an hours sleep before going back to work!

I ended up walking back with his housemate (who also works where we do.) Other people where already back at there’s by the time we got back, they had driven passed us in a taxi, Thanks for that! and I don’t actually remember drinking any more but me and his housemate went to his room and remained there until we both had to get up for work. He’s a cuddler! Haha! We had a good night, and I really enjoyed myself, it was worth only getting 1 hour of sleep, I just hope people at work don’t find out.

Over the last few day’s I have heard nothing about myself, so, so far so good. It was what it was and I wont rule out that it wont happen again. Sociable lot at my place. But just having a drunken night of fun is different to a relationship. I would say it seems safer to have a drunken fumble with someone you work with over a random as at least you know you will see them again, and you know who they are, but at the same time it still has its own dangers. Everyone finds out about it, It was a really bad experience and not worth the embarrassment , or worse, they think of it differently than what you do or they start acting like a complete tool and start blowing you off, even though before you had got on really well.

Why does having sex change everything most of the time?

Over the sad years of my love life, crying my eyes out because he hasn’t called yet, or because he disappeared (See The Mystery Man) I have recently developed the ability to get over things rather quickly, or even better, see things for what they are/will be. A very lovely girl that I know and work with, and would call one of my best friends has had trouble in her love life just like me. Unfortunately she hasn’t developed my ability yet, She also claims to be a pessimist (she clearly isn’t) Anyway, she called me her anchor today and it mad me realise, when did my emotions become so stable?

Why is it that I am able to give advice to people yet struggle most of the time with my own emotions. Well maybe that’s because your heart has a mind of its own and basically screams SCREW YOU!!! Brain and logic I’m doing it my way! Then when it all goes wrong it goes crawling back with a, please don’t say I told you so look on it’s face!

I figure that life is to short to worry about where you find love, I think my options at the moment are limited. Dating online or dating at work. I think more girlie nights out are needed to broaden my options… Roll in the weekend!! 🙂