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OK, so I haven’t had the best of luck with men and dating, and I’m pretty sure I’m doing my friends head in with the constant ups and downs that has become my love life, or lack of! So I’ve turned to blogging!

I’m 27, The closest thing I have to a boyfriend is my gay best friend, I turn to him when I need a “boyfriend” Nights in with loads of DVD’s and a blanket on the sofa, random short breaks and day trips. I do miss having a “Real” boyfriend though. I love him but, I always thought that by now, I would either be with the person that I would be with for the rest of my life, my soul mate, my better half, the significant other, THE ONE. All of my friends are either already married, have children, or are well on the way to the life that I thought I would have for myself. Life on the other hand, has decided to make me the single friend for a little while longer it seems.

So here goes nothing, my ups and downs, and the in’s and outs. My relationship history, my dating experiences what is my so called love life.

It’s all going to come out, date by date, man by man. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t had the worst experiences out there, but they haven’t turned out to be the best, All good lessons though. I have gone from having all the hope and energy that youth and inexperience brings, to crushed hopes and low self-confidence and self-worth. Now however, I am more aware of what I have to bring to relationships, to someone’s life.My self-confidence has grown and now, I know what’s important to me, what my needs are, instead of worrying about what’s important for them, I think that is where I have been going wrong in the past! Too wrapped up in my boyfriends life instead of my own.

So keeping my eyes on the prize, which lets face it, is me, I’m making it my mission to find the guy out there that is just for me! That is going to love me, and treat me how I deserve to be treated, I know it may sound corny, but I’m keeping my hopes up that he IS OUT THERE. I know that I can make someone happy, i just need the one to make me just as happy. I’m tired of my friends saying, “He’s a fool”, “he’s stupid to do that to you” and “You deserve better” What’s worse is hearing a guy that you like say, “You’re a nice girl but… ” I hate that, NICE, well clearly I’m not nice enough…

So in my mission I have signed up to a dating website again. Been on there 4 days now and there are plenty of guys on there, By the second day I had already been speaking to a few guys, already managed to weed out a few wrong un’s out and had to cancel one date already, (due to a hurt ankle) I have a date lined up next week, and another for the week after so I’m on the way! I’ve done on-line dating before, and I met my last long term boyfriend on there but I will tell you more about him later. I’m diving in head first, this is either going to be a very comical blog full of lots of first dates, or hopefully, eventually you will see my caterpillar of a love life turn into a beautiful butterfly so I can fly off into the fairy tail ending that most girls dream of!

Wish me luck!

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