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So last week I had just finished work and was rushing to get to my class, My phone has been going a bit crazy on me lately, not sure why. I was trying to text beardy but instead accidentally  sent him a link to my post about him! Shit!

I text him immediately! “Dont read that please?!” deciding that a text wasn’t enough i called him. Luckily we had spoken about my blog previously and he knew that he, and the fateful chat up line featured in it! When we discussed it previously, He had asked what it was called but i refused to tell him as, as you are probably aware there is some content that he would rather not know! But now.. Well i had gone and sent it to him. He had a little chuckle about it, clearly hearing the nervous tone in my voice but he said that he couldn’t promise that he wouldn’t read it. After the call, I frantically went through my posts and privatised as many of the posts as I could. Shit Shit!

I saw Beardy again on Thursday evening, phew! We hadn’t spoken about the blog at all since, and then as we where preparing dinner, I don’t know why I asked but I had to… Did he read it? Yes he did, but being as great as he is, he admitted reading it, but only the post about him, I blushed as red as could be, but hey it could be worse right? And, he liked it 🙂

Starting 2014 with a Head fuck

What a great way to start the year!

I had friends round for a dinner party and drinks as my new year plans fell through last minute. We had a lovely meal, drank lots and played games, it was a good night.

At 23.39 I received a message via a text app, “Happy new year darling x” It was from KIC (keeping it casual) I was a bit drunk and replied, “Hang out soon? Oh Happy New Year”

Turns out he was in my town at a friends party, we where talking and then he comes out with, I’m 30 minute walk from yours. I told him that I had friends over and that I could meet him but as who I had as my guests I didn’t think it was appropriate for him to come over, I thought it was strange but as you know when it comes to him I can’t help myself. I excused myself from my guests and left my own party to go and meet him.

When I met him I went in for a friendly happy new year kiss and POW! A full blown kiss, he picked me up and ate my face. I was a bit shocked, we went for a bit of a walk, he stopped and kissed me again.

I don’t know why he does this, it’s really started to get to me. He knows I like him, then he gets close and pulls back again. Before Christmas he came over to mine one evening and we watched a few films, I was trying to keep it in the friend zone as much as possible, it’s hard to do but I was coping, then he pulled me into a cuddle on the sofa, I went with it but tried not to get that into it. My housemate and her boyfriend came home and then he pulled out of the hug. When they went to bed we watched another DVD, he got hungry so I cooked him some food and we went back to the film, then he laid down on the sofa with his head resting on me. I missed him, I missed doing that and I was struggling. Luckily he fell asleep for the end of the film and I continued to fight with my emotions, the film ended, he woke up and I told him that he had better go.

I’m trying so hard to keep us in the friend zone and he’s putting it on me, what am I supposed to do?! Fighting so hard so that I can keep him in my life and then he kisses me on New Years, then messages me to say that he shouldn’t have done it. Serious head fuck going on!

Kate has said I need to cut him off, this is not an option. He’s leaving in a few months so keeping him at a distance is going to be good in the long run, but I can’t not see or talk to him. I’m really questioning why he’s buried so deep beneath my skin, I’m starting to think that I am in love with him. I can’t keep myself away.

Kate now has permission to slap me if I ever start a sentence with “Don’t be angry but…” Because it’s going to be about him….

Happy new year

Mixed Messages!

I really don’t get guys sometimes! Before I went away a guy text me asking me if I would like to do something with him, Namely, I think he wanted to come over and get some, and this isn’t keeping it casual. However, I had already made plans and didn’t plan on changing them, He was texting me from 11am until 8pm when he finally got the message and stopped. Here’s a laugh, here are some of the texts I got from him…

“What you Doing Tonight?” – i didn’t reply,

“U dont like **** anymore?” – I repiled “Haha of course. I have plans tonight,”

“:(” – I didnt reply again

“what u doin?” – to which I replied “Seeing a friend” which translates to going on a date.

“Should we meet later?” – me – Probably not a good idea, it will be late

“That dont matter”

“Come ooooooon” – me – Why?

“I wanna see you, make some lovin ;)” – Me hahaha

“Well” —– No reply


Anyway, since I have put photos up from my holiday, he has been liking them and I saw he was online so I messaged him. We had a little chat about my holiday and I asked if he wanted to come over this weekend. I have work this weekend and I told him this so i wasnt thinking anything kinky and I get this as a reply…

“Not sure if I can
Prob not a good idea is it
We friends
I don’t wanna be out of order
Has something happened or something”
Me – its not out of order but ok
Him –

It is out of order of me to come round if we are friends
Had somethin happened?
Is everythin ok?
Why u ignorin me now?
Are u ok?
Why speak to me then ignore me
Is everything ok? This is a bit odd, I’m not trying to be a dick I just don’t wanna be unfair, would be better to actually have a chat

I mean seriously what is that? If we are friends why would it be out of order for him to come round? So maybe today I am not in the best of moods, and possibly snapped a bit but I don’t think I was being unfair…

im not ignoring you.

I think thats its out of order for you to just message me asking to come over, and then when I invite you over you say its not fair. Im a big girl, and i cant really say that we are friends, you come over when you are pissed and locked out. That’s not friends.

Him –

Well I’m really sorry now I feel like in out of order
I thought you were inviting me over on a date or somethin
Look I’m a dick I don’t mean to be
Just an idiot when drunk as well
Me – no, I would not invite you round my house for a “date” we have already had that conversation.
Is it me or is he clearly taking the pee and I’m letting him by going to the rescue when he’s stuck. He even text me at 5.30 one morning asking me to go and collect him from Somewhere and he’d give me £50 this is the same guy from Your a Nice Girl BUT…. I think this would explain it but why was he texing me in the morning, asking to meet that night, he clearly wasn’t drunk and I have asked him this but he told me he had to go to sleep, and me seething away as I was I thought of asking this after he has gone to sleep so I am still awaiting his response. Lets see how he wriggles out of this one!
Rant Over Thanks for Listening!