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Green eyes and Beard Love

In my last blog I posted a chat up line that I used on green eyes…. “So green eyes are we going out?” Well guess what, it worked and we went out Wednesday evening after I finished my evening class.

He suggested the place and we met just near to it as I had no idea where it was. It was a nice little bar and we got pretty comfy in a little corner away from everyone it was brilliant! We had been talking for a few weeks but my replies where sporadic to say the least.

We talked and talked and before we knew it matey at the bar came over to inform us that the bar was closing! Devastating news! Nah not really, I suggested having a drink at mine! It came from no where but I was sure that I wasn’t ready for the date to end! We stayed up until 6am talking, comparing playlists and drinking a rather nice bottle of Hendricks. It was surprising how much we had in common!

After 3 hours of sleep and a few hours in bed having a cuddle I got up and made us some breakfast/lunch. And them we spent the day together. I dropped him off for the 9.20 train. I have to admit it, I was a bit sad he had to go but our first date had lasted a whole 24 hours!

He came over again on Saturday, I finished work and picked him up from the train station, he brought wine with him, and a nice wine too! I was very happy! Yet again we stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning!

I’m very hopeful with this one! Very very hopeful.

I spoke with my sister for the first time since Christmas and told her all about him. She reminded to be careful because of how I felt with the mystery man and I’m not forgetting how I felt with him but at the sane time I think Beardy is worth it, or at least I hope he will be.

I’ve been trying to utilise positive thinking to my advantage and now Beardy walks into my life. Good karma? Yes please!

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Day 3, Date 3 M = 4×4 Pick up & Hendricks

I couldn’t wait to tell you about this one!! Needless to say I had a great time tonight despite him being 20 minutes late to pick me up!

M seems like a really great guy, we have loads in common, we both love going in random adventures, travelling, being outdoors and doing outdoor activities! He seems like he can’t stand to be doing nothing most of the time so he seems like real fun! He’s off to wales tomorrow for the weekend in his 4×4 and I’m jealous that I can’t go!

Anyway, when he finally picked me up he got out of the car and introduced himself, a good start I guess, he helped me climb into his 4×4 defender, and then we set off for town. We got a drink and sat down on some comfy chairs, a good start. The conversation flowed, lots of good eye contact, his body language was also good and there where lots of laughs and smiles.

We have loads in common and he already said “we’ll be crazy together” and also “I wish you could come this weekend” something tells me that if things go well then you might be hearing about lots of random adventures.

Once he is back we are going to go out again next week.

Maybe a but keen but we’ll see.

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