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Sex in the Garden City

Well a lot has been happening since my last post and boy how things have changed.

To summarise, I last left of with Beardy, who in true form turned out to be another Houdini, totally vanished of the face of the earth. No bothered. Went on another date with some other guy which went well but wasn’t feeling it and now for the biggie! KIC turned into my own Mr. Big.  Yeah, I cant quite believe it either. I’m not even too sure how it happened really. One day he just opened up. As you may or may not know I left my party on NYE to go and see him. Well after I left him in the street i didn’t hear from him for a while and got a bit worried as he doesn’t know my town so I messaged the 2 Jamie’s, I got talking to the one he wasn’t with the next day just a few polite responses and idle chit chat. Or so I thought. Turns out the Jamie went back and said something to Big that changed his mind about us.

He wants the full shabang. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks ago and I am yet to give him an answer. After everything that we he has put me through I believe that my reasons for holding out are valid. I mean, Self preservation is my number one priority here. He understands and is being patient but after over a year of on again off again i think he can wait just a little bit longer.

When I told Kate all of this she wasn’t happy at all, I know i gave her permission to slap me but I’m glad she didnt. I was sat in her car when i told her so it would have been one hell of a slap if she did. She’s warming up to the idea now i believe, she said to me the other day, “You’ll be together soon”

I don’t know if we will though, The whole time I have known him he has been trying to get into the MRP which I have supported him through, even though I am not keen on the idea at all. I will continue to support him, and he has made it clear that he still wants to commit to us when he goes in. Well what has he got to loose. Nothing. I’ve done the whole boyfriend in the forces before and I got bombarded with paranoid emails, family members checking up on me and a whole heap of worry that I could have done without whenever he got deployed somewhere. That’s a whole other story though.

Back to Big. I was working valentines day and then had arrangements in Brighton that weekend so I didn’t see him. The following week we went into London for the day. His treat (we’ve always gone dutch before). we went for lunch and also went to the The London Dungeons and also we had a night time ride on the The London Eye, It was the best Valentines day i had ever had.

We have been spending lots of time together lately and he practically is my boyfriend, I mean he drove me to an interview for uni and he waited all day in his car for me to finish. I guess all of this stuff is normal but I’m starting to see that I have never really had this sort of relationship before. We have been through so much and we aren’t even together yet.

Anyway, just thought I’d update you on the big stuff.

Green eyes and Beard Love

In my last blog I posted a chat up line that I used on green eyes…. “So green eyes are we going out?” Well guess what, it worked and we went out Wednesday evening after I finished my evening class.

He suggested the place and we met just near to it as I had no idea where it was. It was a nice little bar and we got pretty comfy in a little corner away from everyone it was brilliant! We had been talking for a few weeks but my replies where sporadic to say the least.

We talked and talked and before we knew it matey at the bar came over to inform us that the bar was closing! Devastating news! Nah not really, I suggested having a drink at mine! It came from no where but I was sure that I wasn’t ready for the date to end! We stayed up until 6am talking, comparing playlists and drinking a rather nice bottle of Hendricks. It was surprising how much we had in common!

After 3 hours of sleep and a few hours in bed having a cuddle I got up and made us some breakfast/lunch. And them we spent the day together. I dropped him off for the 9.20 train. I have to admit it, I was a bit sad he had to go but our first date had lasted a whole 24 hours!

He came over again on Saturday, I finished work and picked him up from the train station, he brought wine with him, and a nice wine too! I was very happy! Yet again we stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning!

I’m very hopeful with this one! Very very hopeful.

I spoke with my sister for the first time since Christmas and told her all about him. She reminded to be careful because of how I felt with the mystery man and I’m not forgetting how I felt with him but at the sane time I think Beardy is worth it, or at least I hope he will be.

I’ve been trying to utilise positive thinking to my advantage and now Beardy walks into my life. Good karma? Yes please!

20140120-091608 pm.jpg

With a New Year comes a New Contender

So I’m starting to realise that the sparks aren’t flying with me and M. I first met him when things ended with KIC and I was looking for someone to replace him or just to keep me busy so I wouldn’t sit there agonising over texting him!

I was a date whore, 7 dates in 7 days was the challenge I set myself and I almost did it. Two months later M is the only one other than L who is left on the scene but he’s my ex so that doesn’t count.

The last time I saw M was just before Christmas, he came over, we watched a film and then I fell asleep on him, I really miss that part of being in a relationship, it’s so nice instead of relying on two hot water bottles and strategically placed pillows to keep you warm in the night! I only dozed off so it wasn’t that bad, however when I woke up we had a little kiss and he put the moves on me, I wasn’t up for it, and I don’t think I am. I mean I enjoy the dating part with him, and the conversation, and he seems like a great guy and he has these lovely blue sparkly eyes, but there is no spark!!

I do wonder if I’m not over KIC, after new year and everything, he’s really ruffled my feathers, however, there is a new guy. I’m rather looking forward to going out on a date with him, he seems really cool, pretty down to earth and he has an amazing beard! Just like my type of guy! A few of my friends have always said with past guys, i’d never put you together, well I wonder what they will think of him?! He’s FIT! also initial M! There’s a new M in town! and he wears a beard rather well! 🙂

Starting 2014 with a Head fuck

What a great way to start the year!

I had friends round for a dinner party and drinks as my new year plans fell through last minute. We had a lovely meal, drank lots and played games, it was a good night.

At 23.39 I received a message via a text app, “Happy new year darling x” It was from KIC (keeping it casual) I was a bit drunk and replied, “Hang out soon? Oh Happy New Year”

Turns out he was in my town at a friends party, we where talking and then he comes out with, I’m 30 minute walk from yours. I told him that I had friends over and that I could meet him but as who I had as my guests I didn’t think it was appropriate for him to come over, I thought it was strange but as you know when it comes to him I can’t help myself. I excused myself from my guests and left my own party to go and meet him.

When I met him I went in for a friendly happy new year kiss and POW! A full blown kiss, he picked me up and ate my face. I was a bit shocked, we went for a bit of a walk, he stopped and kissed me again.

I don’t know why he does this, it’s really started to get to me. He knows I like him, then he gets close and pulls back again. Before Christmas he came over to mine one evening and we watched a few films, I was trying to keep it in the friend zone as much as possible, it’s hard to do but I was coping, then he pulled me into a cuddle on the sofa, I went with it but tried not to get that into it. My housemate and her boyfriend came home and then he pulled out of the hug. When they went to bed we watched another DVD, he got hungry so I cooked him some food and we went back to the film, then he laid down on the sofa with his head resting on me. I missed him, I missed doing that and I was struggling. Luckily he fell asleep for the end of the film and I continued to fight with my emotions, the film ended, he woke up and I told him that he had better go.

I’m trying so hard to keep us in the friend zone and he’s putting it on me, what am I supposed to do?! Fighting so hard so that I can keep him in my life and then he kisses me on New Years, then messages me to say that he shouldn’t have done it. Serious head fuck going on!

Kate has said I need to cut him off, this is not an option. He’s leaving in a few months so keeping him at a distance is going to be good in the long run, but I can’t not see or talk to him. I’m really questioning why he’s buried so deep beneath my skin, I’m starting to think that I am in love with him. I can’t keep myself away.

Kate now has permission to slap me if I ever start a sentence with “Don’t be angry but…” Because it’s going to be about him….

Happy new year

7 Days 7 Dates, well nearly

This is the fist time I have sat at my desk and posted in a long time! So much has been happening that even I have found it hard to keep up with myself so I have been posting while on the go! Today, is the first day of 7 days annual leave that I have from work, So I thought while sitting pondering over plans whilst enjoying my tomato soup and chamomile tea I would let you all know my plans! What has turned out to be a relaxing week is turning into a very busy week.

It’s coming up to the year anniversary of when me and casual first decided that we liked one another. If you follow my blog and have been keeping an eye on our progress/failure then you will know that it is now well and truly over. So! To celebrate(and keep myself busy) I have decided to go on a dating marathon so to speak. Even though I like casual, I knew deep down it wouldn’t end where I wanted it to, so I have continued on my little quest to find a guy.


Date Number 1. Monday = L

It may not be the done thing, Or it may be the case as I have done it a few times now throughout my life, When things haven’t been going the way I have hoped, I’ve always somehow managed to get back in contact with an ex. My last real boyfriend ended because he didnt have much about him, I bossed him around and I totally overtook his personality, He was a complete mummy’s boy and had a dead end job, so over the year and a half of being with him, I made slight adjustments, clothes, new job, better prospectives, but at the sametime as I said I wore him down and ended up feeling like a bitch so I ended it. Anyway! Over the last month and a half we have been talking again, and for the last 3 weeks we have been out on a date a week, and they have actually been really fun. So I’m seeing him today, we are going Christmas shopping. 


Date Number 2 . Tuesday = J

I have been talking to this guy who lives in a village not far from me from POF. We have only been talking for 2 weeks, but I’ve found if you leave it too long then usually its not going to happen. So we are going to meet in a pub we both know tomorrow evening. Im not that nervous, Kate actually knows him, said he was a bit of a tool when she knew him but that was a long time ago so who knows. 


Date Numer 3. Wednesday = R or M

I still haven’t finalised plans with these guys but it will be one of them. They are both also from POF. R is an Essex boy, not usually my type but he looks and sounds sweet, maybe too eager but we shall see!  is more of a manly guy, he has his own business, is the outdoors type and also seems really nice. If I don’t see him Wednesday then he will be date number 7/Sunday.


Date Number 4. Thursday/Friday = Girl Date! I’m going home to see the bestie!

Ok, so its not a guy date but it is a date, im more excited about this than any other the others, I haven’t seen my home bestie since the beginning of September! I am rattling like a crazed crack fiend!


Date number 5. Friday = Girl Date with Kate!

I know i am seeing her this weekend, and I really want it to be on Friday so I’m not hung over with possible date number 7 on Sunday.

There is also R2 a professional guy from London, I’ve spoken to him most days for the last week on the phone, he’s a business accountant or something, so going to try and fit him in too!

A week later

So last Wednesday after college I saw casual, I had had a rather emotional day at work and was not in the best of moods, so I asked to see him, of course he was up for it.

Over the course of the evening I managed to consume two bottles of red and had ordered him to massage my back and feet and then one thing led to another.

For the last few weeks little things that he has said it done had kind of lead me to believe there was more to us than what met the eye, and this experience convinced me of it, two people are not the way we were without there being something between them. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I blew my top and everything I had been thinking/feeling came pouring out along with floods of tears and my own embarrassment.

There I was naked, crying and had serious bed hair going on! I must have been a right state, but the message had been delivered, “if you don’t want all of me, you can’t have any of me”

He then asked “we’ll still be friends though?”


All week I have been struggling to not text him, today was particularly hard and as I was about to crack, he text me. This was at 11 this morning, I’m yet to read the text. Kate has told me to delete it and his number but I’m not ready for that.

I don’t know how this is meant to work, finish it and hope he realises that he does want to be with me, text him back and then after a few months slip right back in to where we were? (This has happened once before and Kate went mad at him, this time it’s 100% my fault, Kate warned me)

Anyway, I’m glad my emotions where reeking havoc last week otherwise I’d still be trapped in the cycle, however, my emotions or hormones are running wild still and I’m missing something other than him…

Time for an ultimatum?

It’s been a while since my last post so I will quickly catch you up with Keeping it casual and I.
Flash back to Flat Pack Furniture Casual and myself went to Ikea and bought some bits. One day a few weeks he had spent the night at mine and in the morning he asked me if I would help him put it together. So we went for breakfast and then I followed him in my car to his. Lots of cars on his drive way. His mums and his dads. Needless to say I was shocked. Bear in mind that in the whole time I have known him I have never met anyone from his life. So I met his parents. Twice now to be precise. On another occasion he was talking to one of his friends and said “Hold on ***** will know” and then proceeded to ask me a question, shock number 2! So his friends also know about me. There you go all caught up.

Ultimatum –

1. A final statement of terms made by one party to another.
2. A statement, especially in diplomatic negotiations, that expresses or implies the threat of serious penalties if the terms are not accepted.
I’m starting to wonder if its about time that I pulled my socks up and moved on from Keeping it casual. After seeing each other for 10 months on and off I think that I am going to have to say it how it is. I cant really fault him though,  from early on he has said that he cant give me what I want and I have continued to plod along thinking “I’m OK with it” when really I am far from OK with it. Part of me wants to be with him, I’m not sure what part of me it is exactly, it could be my competitive side thinking, I’m going to make him want me!! I’m going to win!  Or it could just be my lady parts because I enjoy him! Or another option is that I always want what I cant have!
Lately when we have seen each other it has been what I would call more like quality time together, our work schedules are conflicting somewhat at the moment so when we have been seeing each other it hasn’t just all been about one thing. One day I went around his after work, he washed my car, I made small talk with his Dad and brother and then we went back to mine had some dinner and then went to the cinema. This is not the first time we have been to the cinema but it is the first time this year so that tells you how long ago it was! He has started telling more about himself and things in his past, some of the things I am one of very few people to know, and he has just started to be more open in general.
Last week he stayed over, and we had a really nice evening, my house mate went to bed early and we stayed up watching movies until very early in the morning and then we went to bed. In the morning we where talking as we always do and he comes out with “last night was different” when I asked him what he meant he couldn’t explain himself very well, he was referring to our bedtime activities, not the films. He then went on to say that over the last 10 months since he has been seeing me he is the happiest he has been in a very long time, and how he wishes he could have met me when he was 16. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! I was rather pissed off to say the least and for a change he was spot on with his emotional radar and he picked up on it. Bad joo joo! He then tried to explain himself further but as I was already pissed only one thing could have made me happy again at that time.  So he continued… “I just mean that you make me feel good about myself, I can be myself around you and say what I want and I know that you wont take the piss out of me or judge me”, “If I met you when I was 16 things would be so different now”
I felt like my head was going to explode. It took all of my power not to turn around and scream in his face. I was just laying there with my back turned to him so he couldn’t see my face, I was silent because I was scared of what I might say. He then asked “Are you ok? You’ve gone quiet” my reply ” I’m fine” it was all I could muster but all I could think was If I make you happy then why the fuck don’t you want to be with me, You say since you have been seeing me your the happiest you have been in your life but you still don’t want to commit to me, despite the fact that we are clearly amazing together! No, I didn’t know you when you where 16 but I bloody know you know so make it different!  And last but not least NO I AM NOT FUCKING OK!!!!
I wish now that instead of thinking all of this I had just come out and said it! Then there would be no need for an ultimatum as it would already be over…. Or not.
What a friend of mine did gave me the idea of how to do it. It worked for him and next month he is marrying the girl and they are going to live happily ever after 🙂 They had been friends for years, and they saw each other regularly and he loved her, so it was obviously hard for him to have these feelings towards her and have her not admit that she felt the same so, he refused to see her for months until she realised that she did love and miss him and in turn want to be with him. Whenever I see them together it makes me happy to see two people so in love. I’m hoping that I have the balls to do what my friend did. It can only end one of two ways, but in all honestly I don’t see myself walking down the happily ever after route just yet, not with casual anyway.
To be or not to be? That my friends is the question.